ANPR Systems

MJ Total Security Limited can deliver integrated ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) systems to suit all requirements and all budgets.

The principle is simple. Access onto a site is automatically granted by reading the number plate of any vehicle. The number plate details are held in a database and if the vehicle is allowed access then the system will automatically release a gate or barrier so that the driver can access the site.

Powerful software is the key to a well managed ANPR system. Software is run in a Windows environment and the ANPR cameras are connected directly to a video capture card on the PC. The software is a database that contains all of the access rights for any vehicles entered onto it. Through the software you can designate what days and at what times you want vehicles to have access. You can link sites together to create a global link which is an important tool for logistics companies employing the technology.

While we aim our systems at general site access it is also important to remember that this is a security tool. Using alarm features in the software, you can designate number plates that you want to be made aware of if they arrive on site. This could be a VIP or it could be a car that drove off without paying for petrol the last time it was at your service station. The alarm alerts you that there is action to be taken and you can act appropriately without putting yourself or your staff at direct risk

Our installations all use superior quality technical monitoring and recording equipment that provides high clarity detailed images suitable for use as evidence.

From the time an order is placed a project manager is assigned and given the authority and responsibility to organize‚ schedule and facilitate system design‚ delivery and installation. The project manager is the single point of contact for all customer requirements and concerns. While most systems are built from standardised modules to meet the specific needs of the customer‚ certain sites require some level of systems integration. Pennine’s trained engineering staff are able to design and integrate security system components and technologies.

Customer acceptance is the ultimate goal of any system provider. On-site acceptance testing is performed to rigorous standards that are defined in advanced and understood by us and the customer. We provide complete system documentation and on-site training by knowledgeable staff. Training is performed on the actual system so users quickly become familiar with its operation.